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Pay it forward by giving this monthly gift it will directly support students who otherwise would not be able to afford the Farragut experience. 

The Founder’s Fund is an unrestricted fund that is also used to support new technology and to enhance our signature programs, such as sailing, aviation, scuba programs, as well as programs for faculty excellence.

Your ongoing generosity will ensure the Farragut legacy continues to provide a college preparatory environment with academic excellence to build future leaders with integrity, self-discipline, perseverance, and wellness & fitness.


I graduated 30 years after my dad, John Bowen, who graduated in 1954. My experience at Farragut has paved the way for a successful life not only professionally, but also personally.

Bob Bowen II ‘84N

Admiral Farragut Academy was my dream high school. It offers a beautiful campus in a great city with a fantastic story. I went to school with some amazing people from the kids of legendary basketball players to the children of foreign dignitaries and diplomats to families that are now on the History Channel. I am nothing but thankful for my experience at AFA.

Daniel Lawrence ‘04

I am so thankful and proud that my parents sacrificed and sent me to Admiral Farragut Academy, where I received an outstanding education that prepared me for college, law school, and life.

Randy Kressler ‘60N